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Letterman Jackets

School jackets are becoming less traditional and more an expression of individual taste. You have a lot of room for creativity in deciding what your jacket will look like. We prefer to provide the jacket; however we will embroider a jacket that you provide.

The jacket is composed of a number of elements that you must consider.

The Style: Traditional "BOYS" jackets have leather sleeves and knit trim neck, waist, and cuffs. Traditional "GIRLS" jackets have wool or leather sleeves, a zip hood collar or sailor collar, and knit trim on cuffs and waist.
Examples   Colors

The Collar: Baseball style or Turnback style      Examples

The Lining: Heavy quilted lining or Light nylon lining.     Examples

The Sleeves: Set-in style or Raglan sleeves, Leather, Wool or Vinyl (made to look like leather)  Colors     Examples

The Trim: Trim can be a solid color, solid with large stripes or smaller stripes to match school colors. Colors     Examples

Snaps: Can be made to match the body color or a contrasting color.   Examples

Pockets: Leather pocket trim or wool (we also offer a braid trim on the pocket for accent)

Additions to the jacket:

NAME ON CHEST The first name is normally embroidered on the right chest in the same font style and color as the last name on the jacket back. Outlining or shadowing of the first name, however, is not practical because of its smaller size. Additional lines of lettering, or graphics, can be embroidered below the first name, e.g. nickname, sports or activities, a- basketball, or crossed bats and ball.

VARSITY LETTER The Varsity letter is provided by the school and is sewn permanently onto the left chest. Small embroidered emblems or pins may be attached to the letter, or above/below it, to signify participation in various sports..

GRADUATION YEAR CHENILLE The Graduation Year Chenille is a patch made up of loop type stitches and typically consists of two digits measuring 3 inches tall placed approximately one inch below the sleeve seam on the left sleeve.

   Miscellaneous patches can be sewn anywhere on the jacket. A three inch high chenille is sometimes sewn on the right sleeve below the shoulder seam to indicate a jersey number or position. More than one set of numbers can be stacked one below the other. Note: Any items sewn onto a leather sleeve is permanent, because needle holes in the leather do not "heal".









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