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USS Wiseman DE 667 - 1950-1955 Crew List

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Re-commissioning Ceremony Sept. 11, 1950

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Deck Log from USS Wiseman DE 667 April 24, 1951

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      Capt. Land                 Lt.Morgan     Wesson       St Denis       Shade

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           Garcia                         Fuqua                      Camp                    Kinchen

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        Bauer                 Savage               Wright               Holt                Grant

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           Bergen                          Owen                 Holt         Smith                   Kinchen          Masan,Korea 1951

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Mascot- Shoshi- Aboard in Japan-AWOL in Korea Glick-Operations Officer

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Rich Lewis      Bartlow       Arteaga            Arleth        Whitaker

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(Top) Arteaga, Lewis and Bartlow

(Bottom) GM Checking Rifle

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BMC                                     McCaleb RDC                           Wagner BTC-1951

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            James Gann MMC                                                Bob Crane Warrant Officer -1956    

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           Hough-Schmalz-Woodman -Acosta- Munoz

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R to L- Top to Bottom    Munoz-Woodson-Christensen-Marshberg-Hough

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Higgans                                  William Stanley  

Officers Of USS Wiseman -1951

Sonar Crew - 1951

Lindsey- Lundy -Sonar Rm 1951

Lewis Miller 


             ?                                                                      A.F. Smith                                                                                 

 William Allen

William Allen     William James          

1950 - 1955 - Part 2




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