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USS Wiseman DE 667 - Aboard Ship Photo's

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Transfer At Sea 1957 - USS Wiseman DE 667 to USS Moore DE 442 -Picture taken from USS Moore

Notice what appears to be a new cover on Power Reel on the 667


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Captain's Gig

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Signalman Aboard the USS Wiseman DE 667

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Refueling at Sea

Pokie Bait

Sweets, like candy, cookies, and ice cream.

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Supplying Power to City Of Manila

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Baseball in Manila

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Crew at work near Bermuda

Life at Sea

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Crew's Quarters

On a Destroyer Escort, the space allowed in the crews compartment for each crewmen was 1/6th the space allowed for a prisoner in a US Federal Prison during WW2. The crews bunks were made of a canvas lashed to a round metal frame with a small diameter rope. On the bunk was a two inch mattress. A large sheet or mattress cover the shape of a pillow case was fit over the mattress. Each crew member had his own bedding which he took with him to each duty station he was assigned during his Navy Career. He had two wool blankets,one pillow,pillow cases, and mattress covers.His bunk would be made every day with the blankets folded and placed at the foot of the bunk and the pillow at the head. The Master at Arms would check each living compartment every day.All his personal items and his clothes were stored in his own personal locker.On a DE most of the lockers were foot lockers under the bunks.


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GM3  Blessitt Playing The Mandolin

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This was known as Skylarking , Grabassing, or Just Fooling Around

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USS Wiseman Championship Baseball Team 1958

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FP 3/c Thomas Vagle in the Crew's Quarter's-1957

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Engine Room 1956-57

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Munoz - Turning Valve on Evaporators 1950-54


Aboard Ship Photo's - Part 2


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