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USS Wiseman DE 667 Armament Photos

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The exact date and origin of the smoking lamp has been lost. However, it probably came into use during the 16th Century when seamen began smoking on board vessels. The smoking lamp was a safety measure. It was devised mainly to keep the fire hazard away from highly combustible woodwork and gunpowder. Most navies established regulations restricting smoking to certain areas. Usually, the lamp was located in the forecastle or the area directly surrounding the galley indicting that smoking was permitted in this area. Even after the invention of matches in the 1830s, the lamp was an item of convenience to the smoker. When particularly hazardous operations or work required that smoking be curtailed, the unlighted lamp relayed the message. "The smoking lamp is lighted" or "the smoking lamp is out' were the expressions indicating that smoking was permitted or forbidden.
The smoking lamp has survived only as a figure of speech. When the officer of the deck says "the smoking lamp is out" before drills, refueling or taking ammunition, that is the Navy's way of saying "cease smoking."


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Forward #1 and #2 = 3'' Gun Mount's

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Starboard 20 mm Gun Mount's. Aft are 2 Single 40 MM Mounts

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# 2 Gun Mount 3''

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Two Gunners on 20 mm

After 3'' Gun Mount -Top left is 1.1Quad mount.


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Depth Charge Racks

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Depth Charge

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Depth Charge

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Depth Charge -1957-58

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Laying Smoke Screen -1957-58

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Depth Charge Racks-1958

Near Jima Islands

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Tidwell and Blessitt Setting Primers on

the Depth Charges-1958

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Blessitt Ready to Pull  Lanyard to

Fire the K Gun-1958

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Depth Charge in Air-1958 

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Depth Charge Hits Water-1958

wpeA.jpg (8201 bytes)

Depth Charge Explodes -Set at 50 Ft.

That one Shock Hell Out of the SNIPES

USS Wiseman Bombarding the Korean coast 



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