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USS Wiseman DE 667 - Awards

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Ribbons/Medals the Wiseman was awarded

"China Service Medal"

Service ashore in China or on-board naval vessels during either of these periods1937-39, 1945-57

Instituted: 1940 Branch: Navy


"Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal"

Service in the Asiatic-Pacific theater for 30 days or receipt of any combat decorations.



"European African Middle East Campaign"

Service in the European-African-Middle Eastern theater for 30 days or receipt of any combat decorations.



"World War II Victory Medal"

Awarded for service in the US Armed Forces between 1941-1946



"National Defense Medal"

Any honorable active duty service during any of these periods: 1950-54, 1961-74, 1990-95.

Instituted: 1953 Branch: All Branches


"Korea Service Medal"

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For Participation in military operations within the Korean area during 1950-54



"Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal"

Participation in military operations not covered by specific war medal.

Instituted: 1961 Branch: All Branches


"Philippine Liberation Ribbon - WWII"

Service in the liberation of the Philippines between 17 October 1944 and 3 September 1945


"United Nations Medal for Korea"

For Service on behalf of the United Nations in Korea between 27 June 1950 and 27 July 1954.



Ships and Units considered to have participated in combat are those which:

1. Engaged the enemy.
2. Participated in ground action.
3. Engaged in aerial flights over enemy territory.
4. Took part in shore bombardment, minesweeping or amphibious assault.
5. Engaged in or launched commando type raids or other operations behind
enemy lines.
6. Engaged in redeployment under enemy fire.
7. Engaged in blockade of Korean waters.
8. Operated as part of a Carrier Task force from which offensive strikes were
9. Were part of mobile logistical support forces in combat areas.




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