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Algiers, Louisiana

April 4, 1944

Lieutenant (j.g.) Osborne Beeman Wiseman was born in Zanesville, Ohio on February 20,1915, and was killed in enemy action in the Battle of Midway June 4,1942.

Lieut.Wiseman was appointed Midshipman on June 22,1934. He was commissioned Ensign on June 2, 1938 and September 2, 1941 he was comissioned Lieutenant junior grade. On February 21, 1942 he was designated Naval Aviator. On March 14 of the year he was assigned to the Naval Air Station, Miami, Fla. And on May 24. was assigned to a bombing squadron.

At the time of his death Lieutenant Wiseman was pilot of a plane which was lost during the Battle of Midway. He was awarded the Navy Cross, with the following Citation.

GOLD STAR For extraordinary heroism and distinquished service as pilot of
GOLD STAR an airplane of a bombing squadron in action against enemy
GOLD STAR forces in the Battle of Midway during the period June 4-5, 1942.   
GOLD STAR Defying extreme danger from concentrated barrage of anti-
aircraft fire and fierce fighter opposition, Lieutenant (junior
GOLD STAR grade) Wiseman , with utter disregard for his own personal safety
GOLD STAR participated in persistent and vigorous attacks against the
GOLD STAR Japanese invasion fleet. His gallant interpidity and loyal devotion
GOLD STAR contributed to success achieved by our forces.

Secretary of the Navy designated Mrs. June Bolton, former wife of Navy hero Lieutenant Wiseman as sponsor of the ship.

Order Of Events

AT 14:45


AT 15:00

  1. Reception on board of the Representative of the Commandant, Eighth Naval District, Representatives of the Contractor and Commissioning Party.

  2. Assembly aft of the Commissioning Party.

  3. Involcation by the Chaplain.

  4. Delivery of the Ship to Representative of the Commandant by the Contractors Representative.

  5. Acceptance of Ship by the Representative of the Commandant for the Navy

  6. Commissioning of the Ship by the Representative of the Commandant.

  7. National Anthem.

  8. Delivery of Ship to the Commanding Officer by the Representative of the Commandand.

  9. Publication of Orders by the Commanding Officer.

  10. Setting the Watch.

  11. Commissioning Party proceeds forward.

  12. Pipe down from Quarters.

  13. Reception on Board.


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Authorized on February 4, 1919 and awarded to officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps who distinguish themselves by extraordinary heroism, not justifying the award of the Medal of Honor, in military operations against an armed enemy. Originally awarded for combat heroism and other distinguished service, it was the Navy's third highest award. An Act of Congress on August 7, 1942 gave the Navy Cross precedence over the Distinguished Service Medal, making it a combat decoration only, awarded for extraordinary heroism in the presence of great danger and personal risk. It is now the second highest decoration for U.S. Naval personnel.

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Commissioning Ceremony's

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USS Wiseman DE 667

(Buckley Class)

Builder: Dravo, Pittsburg

Laid Down: July 26, 1943

Launched: November 6, 1943

Commissioned: April 4, 1944

In New Orleans, La.

Commissioning Ceremonies 1944

Fate: Stricken April 15, 1973

Buckley Class as constructed

Displacement: 1,432 tons

Length: 306 feet

Beam: 37 feet

Draught: 11 feet 3 inches

Machinery: two Foster-Wheeler, Babcock & Wilcox

or Combustion Engineering boilers;

2-shaft G.E.C. turbines

Performance: 12,000 shp for 23 knots

Bunkerage: 340 tons

Range: 5,000 nautical miles at 15 knots

Guns: three 3 inch; four 1.1 inch; eight 20 mm

Torpedoes: three 21 inch



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