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Down the hatch
Here's a drinking expression that seems to have its origins in sea freight, where cargoes are lowered into the hatch. First used by seamen, it has only been traced back to the turn of the century.


Same Text Below



                                                 C/o Fleet Post Office

                                                 San Francisco, California


PlAN OF THE DAY                            SUNDAY                               2 SEPTEMBER 1956


News bulletin; (AB) 2 Sept.. It has been reported by an usally reliable

scorce that four heavily gunned America warships are now approaching

0 latitude with specially posted lookouts. The navy Department has re-

fusted to either confirm or deny this statement. Could this be the start

of another international incident?….


Meanwhile out at sea, this is


                                    “CROSSING THE LINE DAY”

Distance to go to the                                                    Uniform of the day:

Kingdom of Neptunis Rex- ?                                              No.1 Draws or bathing

                                                                                    Trunks and shoes

                                                                                    No.2 Normal steaming



0600 Reveille for the oncoming watch

0630 Breakfast

0700 Reveille

0800 Secure mess line

0805 Muster on stations,mustering PO’s make your reports to the O.O.D.

0900 Catholic lay services on the fantail

0930 Protestant lay services on the fantail

1100 Shift into uniform of the day No.1

1130 A spot of meal fitting for his majesty himself

1200 YE POLLYWOGS, we are entering the realm of Neptunis Rex, Post

the special lookout watch.

1230 The time draws nearerpost the sideboys.

- -     As his Majesty Orders –

n        Shift into the uniform of the day No. 2

1700 Supper

1800 Secure the mess line

1930 Eight O’clock reports

1945 Movie call

2155 Tattoo

2200 Taps

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Note L . The special lookout watch will be constituted as follows :


       DODGE, SK2           ZEPKE, BT3               RYAN, SN

     LAW, RD3                 CROSS, GM3


Note”.The 1230  Sideboys are as follows;


      LT. Sanders            LTJG. WELCH                      MANGH, BTC

      Dr. GOSHORN            LTJG. CORD



                                                                                    R.D. SANDERS LT, USN

                                                                                    Executive Officer


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King Neptune 1956

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Neptune's Court 1956

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King Neptune's Court 1956

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Royal Haircut 1956

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Royal Barber At Work 1956

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Court Held On Fantail 1956



Goonie Bird

When a Sailor did something wrong or stupid, other Sailor’s

would say, what a Goonie Bird. The Goonie Bird being a

Albatross found on the Island of Midway

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Shellback's Card

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Court Papers 1956

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Taking Picture of Cook 1956

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Capt. Watching Ceremony 1956

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Strohmaier- Pittman - Piazza 1956

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Francis FP3/c Also Capt., Gig Engineer 1956

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Chaney Engineman 3/c 1956

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Arnold Ostrowski 1957

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Equator Crossing 1957 - Garbage Tunnel

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Equator Crossing-1957

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Running The Guntlet-1957

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Equator1957     Blessitt w/ phones  Crew in slop bucket unknown


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