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USS Wiseman DE 667 - Misc 1

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USS Wiseman DE 667 Topside

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Forward 3'' Guns #1 and #2--Hedgehogs

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USS Wiseman DE 667 Superstructure

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Fire Control

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Stack to Aft 3'' Mount

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Fantail and Depth Charge Racks

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Power Reel

Power Supply Ship

In 1944 the USS Wiseman DE 667 was sent to the Charleston Navy Yard to be converted to a Power Supply Ship. From Dec. 1944 to Jan. 1945 the ships torpedo tube’s would be removed and two large cable reels, an enclosed sub-station consisting of a transformer, switching gear, and water cooling equipment would be installed. With the exception of the torpedoes the Wiseman would still have all the armament it had as a conventional DE.This would take place on the 01 Deck between the stack and the gun mount.

Operating voltages would have six different settings, ranging from 2400 to 37,500 volts. Electrical system’s voltage would vary from country to country. The two large cable reels were able to wind and rewind automatically. The cable’s were designed to be laid on floats in the water, and strung to shore if the ship had no dock to tie to.

With the need of electrical power in the City of Manila in the Philippines the USS Wiseman was sent to that City and supplied power from April to Sept. 1945 when construction of electrical supply source’s for Manila were completed. Following her vital service at Manila, Wiseman shifted to Guam where she provided power for the Army dredge Harris YM 25 for a period of two months.

The first DE to be converted to a Power Supply Ship was the USS Donnell DE 56 in July of 1944. Four more US Destroyer Escort’s that would be converted to power supply ships would be designated as TEG ( Turbo-electric generator).They would be the USS Foss DE 59.USS Marsh DE 699. USS Wiseman DE 667, and the USS Whitehurst DE 634. Two converted DE.s the 563 and the 574 would be given to the British. Only the USS Wiseman would be in full operation before the end of WW2.

During the Korea War the USS Wiseman would again be called to duty to supply Masan, Korea with power for 10 months from Nov.1950 to Aug.1951.

Electrical Power Control Board

Pictures taken in Mar. 1945 in Manila


Power Reel                            Feeding Cable to LVCP           



LCVP Floating Line  to Pier                 Cable Secured to Pier

Wiring Behind Control Board


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